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Photo of myself and my wife at my cousin's wedding
Is she really short or am I just really tall? The answer…is both.

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Hello there, I’m Thomas Adams. I am an SEO specialist, writer, musician, side hustler, and the best person you could have at a dance party (assuming Michael Jackson songs are played on repeat).

Back in 2014, after spending years working dead-end jobs and my Liberal Arts degree from JCCC was starting to gather dust, I made the decision to start looking for a new career path that didn’t involve dealing with customers screaming about their salads not being bagged properly.

The sequence of events went like this:

  • I turned to the internet to find out how I could make money
  • Got duped into signing up for some crummy MLM scheme
  • Shared it with all my friends on Facebook
  • Got told by all my friends that I was hacked since the messages I was sending them looked spammy
  • Made nothing
  • Quit the scheme after spending more money than I would have liked
  • Felt dejected
  • Decided not to give up and kept looking for something to make me money because I was not going to settle for where I was

Lo and behold, after going through that embarrassing ordeal I discovered a new path to success: building websites using WordPress.

My Journey into Online Business

The first website I ever built was a “fan” site of the show Pretty Little Liars (even though I wasn’t a fan at all and literally knew nothing about the series).

At the time, the show was extremely popular, and I remember stumbling upon the term “Pretty Little Liars Books” while doing keyword research.

So, I bought the domain Pretty-Little-Liars-Books.com.

Awful domain, eh?

I found an archived version of the site here: http://archive.is/9xemq

The site made me a few bucks through promoting PLL merchandise, which was pretty cool, but being the impatient person that I am, I decided to scrap the whole project altogether because I didn’t understand that with niche sites you have to wait for Google to do its thing while also pumping out consistent, well-written content that serves the user’s intent.

$1,000+ Per Month in Passive Income

Eventually, after struggling for years to get things right, my goal to make at least $1,000 per month passively from Amazon came true in July 2020:

July 2020 Amazon Earnings

How You Can Do This Too

I’m nobody special.

Just ask my wife!

That was a joke, she loves me dearly and the feeling is mutual, but seriously:

I owe all of the success I’ve had both as a web designer, SEO and as a writer for this website to hard work, patience, and not quitting when it got tough.

That’s it!

Oh…and about a dozen sleepless nights trying to get a website built for a client who could not make up their mind on how they wanted their site to look.

But hey, that’s just livin’ the life of a web designer!

If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to me on my contact form and I’ll be happy to help!