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10 Best Educational Affiliate Programs in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, fastest ways to make money with your online efforts. For millions of people around the world, affiliate programs provide a ready-made product that can be sold repeatedly to help build up their customer base.

How affiliate programs work is that they allow you to earn a percentage or commission on every sale. In effect, you are a salesperson earning a small amount of revenue for each item you sell. All you need to do is have an affiliate link that customers use to buy the program and you pocket your commission.

Educational affiliate programs are some of the most popular since they provide valuable information on a wide variety of topics. What follows are the ten best educational affiliate programs that you can offer on your site.

1. 360 Training

360 Training

  • Commission Rate: 15% Commissions

With millions of users around the world, 360 Training offers career assistance mostly in the tech field. Professionals from most walks of life can find the help they need, along with earning compliance, and getting certifications in specific areas.

The 15% base commission is about average but given the sheer number of programs it is possible to continually earn commissions from the same buyer who chooses different programs.

2. Coursera


  • Commission Rate: 20% to 45% Commission on Selected Courses

Coursera offers over 1,600 courses and specialized topics on their site. They provide access to educational courses from some of the top universities in the US, including Yale, Michigan, and Stanford to name a few. Coursera uses a third-party, Rakuten Marketing, to oversee their affiliate programs.

Coursera is a great choice for many affiliate marketers because it offers so many proven educational courses. Plus, the support from Coursera is considerable as it includes the links to products, content recommendations, professional banners, and promotional text links.

3. Edu-Money


Commission Rate: Up to 70% Commissions per Order

This program is built around students who need their homework completed. You connect them to Edu-Money which connects them to the appropriate site, and they get the help they need. Depending on which service is selected, you earn a commission rate that may reach up to 70%.

Many students will order up to 10 times per year, which translates to roughly $250 per customer. If you get some repeat customers, you can really build up your sales.

4. Essay Pro

Essay Pro

  • Commission Rate: Up to 60% depending on the sale

For over two decades Essay Pro has helped students perfect the art of essay writing. This is accomplished by bringing together students with some of the best professional essay writers in the world today. From case studies to dissertations, term papers, research papers, and more, Essay Pro is a simple, straightforward system that really works.

The commissions are considerable even if the price is rather high. Still, once you start making sales, the money builds quickly when using this program.

5. Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute

  • Commission Rate: 30% Commissions

Created by Shaan Pratel, a man who garnered a perfect SAT score, the Kranse Institute prepares students for taking SATs. This organization has earned considerable attention thanks to many of its students getting test scores in the top 10%. Such test scores can earn college credits which may save students many thousands of dollars.

The 30% commission is considerable, especially given the relatively high average sale of just over $400. For those focused on test preparation, the Kranse Institute is a must for your site.

6. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages

  • Commission Rate: 40% Commissions

Learning a new language is one of the most popular of educational courses. Rocket Languages have assisted more that 1.2 million people with a wide variety of languages.

Commission Junction manages all the affiliate programs within Rocket Languages, which offers marketers the ability to provide coupons, discounts, exclusive products, and keep track of their data. Plus, with the average order being nearly $150, you can earn a considerable amount for every sale.

7. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

  • Commission Rate: 7% Commissions

Speaking of learning languages, Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular online courses. By using a unique image to word association, it teaches languages in a unique and powerful manner. It’s little wonder that most of their students have praised Rosetta Stone for its effectiveness.

Although the commissions and average sale price of just over $36 is rather low, Rosetta Stone is so well known that it is generally easier to market this program compared to other language sites.

8. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review

  • Commission Rate: 8% Commissions

This program mostly delivers tutoring assistance to students attending all types of higher educational institutions, including medical and law schools. Those who choose The Princeton Review gain access to experienced instructors for one-on-one learning. Plus, there are e-learning options that can be used at the convenience of the student.

The Princeton Review has been around for over 35 years. And if 8% commission seems rather low, the average sale is nearly $110 which can add up quickly.

9. Treehouse


  • Commission Rate: 50% per Subscription, $5 per Lead

Treehouse mostly offers educational courses on website building, development, and the like. They might be considered an online technology school that provides the basics for creating web-based skills such as learning how to code, create mobile apps and more. Treehouse offers easy-to-learn programs where students can set their own pace.

Treehouse is an attractive choice because the courses are reasonably priced. This makes them easier to sell for affiliate marketers. Plus, you get free information and assistance from Treehouse to assist you in marketing their courses.

10. Udacity


  • Commission Rate: $100 Commission per Sale

Udacity offers educational programs that teach valuable, in-demand skills. Offering what they call “nanodegrees”, Udacity students can enroll in a wide variety of courses such as data science, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to name a few.

The commission rate is set at $100 per sale which is quite generous, so it is little wonder that Udacity is quite popular as an affiliate program.

Find the Best Educational Affiliate Program That’s Right for You

By choosing one or more of these affiliate programs, you can help expand your customer base. Plus, educational affiliate programs are timeless as they provide skill improvement that can be used today and tomorrow.

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