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How to Write an Amazon Product Description [Outsource & DIY]

Similar to taking product photos, there are two different routes you can take for writing a good product description for your Amazon listing: outsourcing or DIY.

In this post, we’ll be exploring both options including their pros and cons as well as how to do each of them effectively.

The Outsourcing Route


  • Easier to implement (copy+paste what you’re sent)
  • High-quality work
  • The relief in knowing you can relax and let someone else do your dirty work!


  • More expensive ($70-$120 depending on who you order from)
  • The descriptions could end up needing a lot of editing

The DIY Route


  • No cost to you
  • Faster turnaround (assuming you don’t slack off!)
  • The satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself!


  • More difficult to do
  • More work on your part
  • Quality might not be as good (unless you’re a great writer and understand good copywriting)

For a full list of all of the tools I recommend for Amazon FBA go here: https://workfromfun.com/amazonfbatools

The first route we will be looking at is outsourcing your product descriptions.

The Outsourcing Route for Your Product Description


  • A Fiverr account
  • $55-$65

If I’m not wanting to write them myself, I like using a website called Fiverr to have my product descriptions written.

If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s basically a marketplace where you can buy people’s services for around $5-10.

These services include things like content writing, logo design, video editing, as well as product descriptions.

The Description Writer That I Use

I have personally only used this guy for my listings: https://www.fiverr.com/spxmac/compelling-product-descriptions-expert-sales-copy and he was pretty good.

There were certain issues with his grammar that I had to fix, but it saved me time by having him do it for me.

Plus, it provided me a template for future product descriptions that I can do myself.

I bought his premium option, but I realized that the other extras he provided I could have easily done myself.

So, this is why I only recommend you get the basic option (Title, 5 Bullets, Product Description, and HTML) as I will show you how to do the other extras yourself (PPC keywords, SEO optimized title, etc.) in the next lesson.

Alternative Writers

Another listing service I have seen that looks promising is this one: https://www.fiverr.com/levinewman/write-a-professional-amazon-product-listing and I will likely test out their services in the future.

There are others on the marketplace that I’m sure could do a great job too, so feel free to search for them yourself!

Purchasing Your Product Description


Click “Proceed to Order” on the service provider you decide to go with.

You’ll be taken to a confirmation page, and you will have to pay a small processing fee (anywhere from $1-$5)

You might be shown some optional upgrades, but I don’t recommend getting any of them as many of these upgrades are things we can easily do ourselves.

After you buy the service you will have to fill out information explaining more about your product.

This is very straightforward and is necessary so they can know more about your product and how to write the description for it.

I normally wait until my photos have arrived and my listing is active before I buy the description so I can link them to the listing and they can see the product for themselves.

Their turnaround time is normally a day or two, and you’ll get an email once they’re finished.

Open the files they send you and just copy and paste the information into the product’s listing!

Remember, you’ll want to go to your Inventory page, then “Edit” next to the listing, then “Description”, then add the information where necessary.

If you need to change the title of the product, this information is located in the “Vital Info” tab next to “Product Name”.

Now we move on to the DIY route for handling your product description.

The DIY Route for Your Product Description


  • An awesome template (you’re welcome)
  • Good writing skills
  • Diligence

Here’s an Amazon product description template that I use when writing the descriptions of my products:

<p><b>[Tagline #1]</b></p>

<p>[Informative Paragraph]</p>

<p><b>[Tagline #2]</b></p>

<p>[Informative Paragraph]</p>

<p><b>[Tagline #3]</b></p>

<p>[Informative Paragraph]</p>

<p><b>[Tagline #4]</b></p>

<p>[Informative Paragraph]</p>

<p><b>Product Details:</b></p>

<li>[Feature #1]</li>
<li>[Feature #2]</li>
<li>[Feature #3]</li>
<li>[Feature #4]</li>
<li>[Feature #5]</li>

<p><b>So Don’t Miss Out! Add This [product] To Your Cart NOW!</b></p>

As for the bullet points, here are a few tips for writing them:

  • Include a short phrase that is a feature of the product then include a short description of this feature (i.e. Durable Nylon Vest: This fantastic tactical vest for your dog is made from high-quality, strong nylon.)
  • Use up all 5 lines as more information is better than less
  • Look up what similar products are saying in their bullet points if you need ideas on what to write

Your description doesn’t have to be perfect but you should make sure there are no misspellings and your grammar is good.

I use a Chrome plugin called Grammarly to automatically check for misspellings and grammar issues as I type.

Once you write your product description, click “Save and finish” and wait for your listing to update.

When you’re ready to move on to learning how to send your first inventory shipment to Amazon, read my post “How to Ship Inventory to an Amazon FBA Warehouse“.

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