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Click Clone Cash Review: Is It a Scam?

Searching for ways to earn extra cash often starts by looking for online programs with a proven track record of success.

Unfortunately, for those who are just starting out it can be difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate program and something the appears legit, but it is actually a scam.

Click Clone Cash is one such program that offers a reasonably sounding premise but is actually something quite different when you apply the program to earn money online.

That’s why it is important to understand what Click Clone Cash is, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is really a scam or not.

What is Click Clone Cash?

Click Clone Cash Overview

The premise of Click Clone Cash is relatively simple.

You pay a one-time fee and in return, you have the software installed on your computer that searches out successful online businesses.

Once such a business is located, the software will clone that business which means it sets up a similar business that is your own.

And then all you have to do is sit back and watch the cash roll into your account.

On the surface, that sounds fairly reasonable to someone who may not be familiar with how actual software programs really work.

But more importantly, it is built on an idea that is actually used in creating successful companies where a successful business is copied or cloned which in turn pulls a little traffic away from them and into the almost-identical company.

For example, if you shop at large retail stores, you have seen products from highly popular brand names.

And then you see products with brand names that are similar, but not quite the same.

You may have mistakenly purchased products from these “cloned” companies.

So, the premise of Click Clone Cash is a familiar one.

This premise of making money with cloned businesses is augmented by promotional videos by the company with “real people” claiming to be making tons of money with basically no effort.

The software system of Click Clone Cash does all the work, so they just watch their bank accounts grow.

Pros & Cons of Click Clone Cash

Once you get to the nuts and bolts of Click Clone Cash, there is very little which is advantageous or even believable.

While there is software that does remarkable things, the ability to identify and clone a successful online business in almost every detail so you can make money is pure fantasy.

There are copying programs but having the ability to clone a successful online business is still more science fiction than actual fact.

The truth is that if it were so easy to clone a successful business in the manner of Click Clone Cash, then you would know someone who does.

In fact, it would be the most popular system in the world since so many people would be doing it.

To summarize, the issues with Click Clone Cash start with the following:

It Doesn’t Work

Bottom line, there is no program that lets you clone another business and enjoy the rewards without working for them.

In fact, an online business requires considerable effort just to get noticed, much less make real money.

While you can become successful and millions of people have created an income stream online, they do so by putting in the hard work.


Even if you believe that such a cloning program would actually work, almost all online businesses especially successful ones have solid security systems in place that prevent such a program from working.

The same security that protects the identity of customers that make purchases at the online business also stops the inner workings of their site from being copied.

Hosting Program

The price of the software seems low enough, but what is not discussed is the “hosting program” for the system itself.

Again, it sounds reasonable that to clone an online business, your copy will need a hosting site to handle the transactions.

This is where you can lose even more money by paying for hosting for a site that does not work.

Autopilot Programs Do Not Work

Although you can automate certain aspects of an online business, the successful ones still require daily input from their owners to succeed.

Building a business based on passive income also requires considerable effort to start up, get going, and building to the point where you can start making money with less effort.

Is Click Clone Cash a Scam?

Yes, yes this is a scam.

It is a scam designed to separate you from your money.

It is quite effective despite the fact that the videos used to promote the product seem staged.

Sometimes, it is the combination of words, approach, and types of media used that can sell you on something even though your better instincts may tell you it’s not real.

Because Click Clone Cash does not take much of your money from the start, it is a program that has actually gained some traction because of it.

Most people don’t like to admit when they have been ripped off and when the amount is relatively small, they speak of it even less.

This may be why Click Clone Cash still draws in buyers even though it disappoints those who try it.

Because the loss is relatively small and no one needs to find out, few will say anything.

Can You Make Money with Click Clone Cash?

If you do, you need to tell everyone else how you did it. Click Clone Cash is the perfect example of a program that wraps its promises around an attractive, reasonable-sounding idea.

Promotes is using videos of so-called “real” people who are making tons of money with the system, and then dumps an ineffective software program on you with hosting costs that will do nothing but tap your bank account.

If you want to make money online, you are going to need to put in the effort to do it.

Click Clone Cash does not allow you to pursue your dreams of making money online.

11 thoughts on “Click Clone Cash Review: Is It a Scam?”

  1. Wow I’m certainly glad I did my research because I almost bought into this click clone cash program.. I’ve never had a mentor.. a real honest person that actually wants to help you out.. someone like myself.. if I had the knowledge to help someone out then I certainly would.. I’d give you the shirt off my back if you really needed it. I Sure wish I could find a true, honest mentor that really wanted to show and help me succeed. Who’s knows ? Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get to meet my one true mentor. Then later on in life I’d be the mentor to someone who needed it. It really is a powerful feeling whenever we help someone out from our hearts and don’t even think of expecting anything back in return. I always try to give from the heart. I believe in karma. When you do bad things to people then bad things will happen to you,, same thing as when we do right/good to people then good things come back around to you as well.. pay it forward., we all are only human. All we can do is try our best. Thank you for your time and information 🙂

    • Nice response Neil. (I knew it was too easy as well, but still had to check) Growing up, as the youngest of three boys, we all were never read to at night, No one helped us with our homework, the oldest dropped out of high school and joined the Military. My brother and my self, taught each other things to get by honestly and with hard work. Everything that we ever did to any degree of success, we taught ourselves. We both joined the military, we were very successful in our training but we did not want that life as a way of life to retire with. We then started a few different businesses, (no formal business training) and failed due to bad people doing bad things such as breaking in at night and stealing all of our product (Just as we were starting to make a profit). The purchasing manager from our largest customer came in one day, ordered, and took with him , several thousands of dollars of equipment (and $400 in cash that he “borrowed until payday”). We sent the invoice to the main office which they never paid. When we called and asked about payment, they said that he no longer worked for them and they were not responsible for the payment. Looking back at it and learning things with age, we could have sued for payment because he was their authorized purchasing agent, and they never told us that he no longer was with them. So, yes , many of us would love to have a mentor. My brother is the smartest, most honest, and generous person that I know. (Next to myself of course). This is where I would love to say what goes around, comes around, but we all know that isn’t always true. Too many people are wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams all on the backs of others and have never suffered a bad day in their life or worried about where the rent money was coming from. Wow this is way too long. Sorry for venting! I hope that you see this before the holiday so that you will see my wish for you is to have a very happy and healthy holiday and a healthey and wealthy New Year! Be well

    • I’m glad I did my research on click clone cash before I put money into it I didn’t know it was a scam I’m glad I checked

  2. Thanks Neil for your professional advice about click clone cash I thought I look up click clone cash and I found your review sounded like a scam but I’m not that good at making money online but I’m working it. Thanks again. Jeff H

  3. Thank you very much for the excellent information on Click Clone Cash Mr. Adams, it was presented better than most if not all that I have seen. I hope that you have a healthy and happy holiday season and a bright and wonderful New Year!

    Be well and stay safe!


    Brett S.

  4. I’m one of the fools who baught the ckick, clone, clown… ehr I mean cash. Should I attempt to get my money back? And I paid with my credit card. Do you suppose they’ll clone my card? Should I cancel the card? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  5. Is there a way that could fact check things that presented in the video to buy into click clone cash? For example the 3 different members and there stories, could the guy who bought the farm be fact checked to be verified as true, is that info public domain, or the brand new BMW paid for by cash, can that purchase be verified? That would be so informative as to if it’s truly a scam . From what’s been reviewed is speculation with no factuals to support the

  6. I guess I was one of those people who have to learn the hard way. I got scammed into crypto investing and lost $745,000. I hired a company to recover it, they did…then they took all the money. I checked them out first and they had glowing reviews online. All lies. Please remember this old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I listened to the guy’s pitch and it sounded too good to be true so I ended up looking online and read Mr. Adams review. All I can say is ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR ADAMS, FOR YOUR POST.” When I was younger I started a company in Financial Planning. It took years to be successful but I persevered. I suffered through the dry times and rejoiced when all the good times came as a result of my hard work, integrity, and determination o help people have a successful retirement. When it was time for me to retire, I was able to sell my business for a little over $1 million. I think I will just enjoy my hard-earned retirement and ignore get-rich-quick scams. Again, Mr Adams, thank you.


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