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Royal Prestige Cookware Review: Can You Make Money with This MLM?

Cookware products are quite popular for multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses because they are always in demand and can be sold for a solid profit.

Royal Prestige Cookware is one of the leading MLM companies that specializes in this type of product.

If you’ve been approached by someone within the company wanting you to join them on their quest to sell cookware and recruit others to do so, then this review is for you.

Read through my Royal Prestige review to learn more business itself, the pros and cons of joining the program, and an alternative that might work better for you.

What is Royal Prestige Cookware?

Royal Prestige Cookware

Royal Prestige Cookware was started in 1959 in Madison, Wisconsin and has gone on to become an extremely successful MLM company.

The angle that they offer is high-end cookware products that are not coated with Teflon.

Teflon is a petroleum-based product that keeps food from sticking to the surface.

Royal Prestige Cookware claims that its products do the same, but without the dangers that Teflon may present.

Although there have been a few known cases of Teflon causing health concerns, the evidence is thin at best.

Pros of Joining Royal Prestige Cookware

Royal Prestige has a few things that seem to be pros on the surface.

Profit Potential

Given the expense of the products offered by Royal Prestige Cookware, selling even a small number each month can be quite profitable.

The company does provide a generous commission which helps, but the focus is on selling large sets of cookware to one person as opposed to selling individual items to several people.

Their Sales Tactics Do Seem to Work

The company also encourages sales tactics that do reap success.

By adding the promise of free gifts, vacations, and more, it helps bring in the customer in a way that simply selling the cookware would not do.

However, while there is considerable profit potential in how the company wants you to sell, there is a lot of deception as well.

More on the sales tactics in the con section of the article.

Cons of Joining Royal Prestige Cookware

There are several things within the company that I took issue with.

Deception and Misleading Selling Practices

Simply put, the primary sales tactic of Royal Prestige Cookware is to lure you into a demonstration only to discover a high-pressure sales pitch designed to pull the most money out of your wallet.

This misleading approach does work on some people while turning off others.

The bottom line is that quite often there are no free gifts, no vacations, only the empty promises designed to lure people into buying their products.

High Prices

More than any other issue, the price of Royal Prestige Cookware is way too high, outrageously high depending on the exact product.

Admittedly, a good part of the cost is from the many gifts and free vacations that are offered, but just for buying cookware, it is simply too much.

The Verdict: Is Royal Prestige Cookware a Scam?

Cooking pot with onion
Note: This is a stock image and not an actual Royal Prestige product

Although Royal Prestige Cookware has garnered a strong place in the market, and it’s not a scam, per se, there are simply too many downsides to joining this MLM company.

The combination of poor products, misleading sales tactics, and high prices makes this a company to avoid unless you enjoy that type of selling.

This makes it difficult for anyone who wants to earn extra money to promote products under false or misleading sales tactics.

Affiliate Marketing: A Better Alternative to Royal Prestige Cookware

Sell Cookware with Affiliate Marketing

The cooking niche is a massive industry with tons of profit potential.

Royal Prestige Cookware, or a similar MLM like Princess House Cookware, is not the end-all-be-all when it comes to selling cookware.

There are plenty of alternatives that can earn you just as much money.

That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products for a profit (alliteration, anyone?).

There’s no inventory, shipping, or even customer service as all of this is handled by the owner of the product you’re promoting.

All you have to do is point people to the affiliate’s website and, if they purchase a product from your link, you’ll get a commission!

Commission rates can vary based on the program itself, but it can be anywhere from 5-25% or more.

Final Word on My Royal Prestige Cookware Review

While Royal Prestige Cookware may seem like a great business opportunity, there are plenty of reasons why you should be skeptical.

With deceptive sales practices, high prices and intimidating business practices, I would be very cautious when approaching this company.

As I covered in this review along with other MLM reviews on my site, there are plenty of better alternatives to joining MLM companies for side income.

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