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Savvi Fit Review: Is This an MLM Scam?

Of the many methods to make extra cash from home, one of the most popular is the MLM which stands for multi-level marketing. While an MLM is legal when constructed and used properly, its basic design is that of a pyramid scheme which is illegal. Since successful MLM companies such as Savvi Fit manage to stay on the right side of the law, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed of either making money or losing money.

For those who want to earn a substantial income, Savvi Fit does offer the opportunity to do so. The question is whether Savvi Fit offers a proper opportunity or is it just an MLM scam?

What is Savvi Fit?

Source: https://savvi.com/

Founded in 2019 by Rachel Domingo, Savvi Fit is now run by Ken Porter. The purpose of Savvi Fit is to celebrate the diversity of women by empowering them with exceptional fashion choices. Using designs that are both luxurious and inclusive, Savvi Fit also provides the means to sell the products yourself. Hence the multi-level-marketing or MLM aspect of the business.

Currently, Savvi Fit offers Everyday, Fit, and Luxe clothing. For those who exercise, the Fit line provides athletic wear. For the woman going out on the town, the Luxe line is for you. And as the name implies, Everyday wear is for clothing that is worn day to day. The average price range for the clothing is $40 to $100 depending on the item chosen which is a solid deal. The site has a chart to know which size clothing will make the best fit for your body shape.

For the consumer, Savvi Fit provides a wide range of clothes for women. But for the person looking to create their own fashion business, it does offer an opportunity to earn extra money. And for the most successful, a means to become financially independent.

How Does It Work

Join Savvi Fit
Source: https://savvi.com/

Savvi Fit is an MLM company. Put simply, it means that you pay an initial fee which runs from $99 to $999 depending on what level you choose. The more you put in, the more support you will receive from Savvi Fit.

Once you enroll in the Savvi Fit MLM plan, there are 13 ranks or goals designed for you to achieve by selling Savvi Fit clothing and recruiting people into the MLM program. The ranks range from Rep in which you sell 50 items or enroll a single person by using a pack. Up to Diamond Director where you have personally recruited at least 12 people and have a team volume of 2 million. The higher you rank, the more potential income you can earn.

To be honest, there are relatively few people who have made it past the fourth rank which is Leader, consisting of personally recruiting at least 2 people and have a team volume of 300. In addition to gaining in rank from recruiting people, the more fashion items you sell, the higher your commissions will be. This does provide a powerful incentive to sell as many items per month as possible.

Those who sell from 1 to 20 items per month earn 25% commissions while those selling over 200 items per month will earn 50% commissions. You will also earn commissions on those who you have personally recruited.

Pros & Cons of Savvi Fit

  • Access to Unique Clothing Line
  • Good Commission Structure if at the Top
  • Expensive Entry Fee
  • Low Commissions at the Bottom
  • Must Be Exceptional Marketer in the Fashion Space

There are a few pros and several cons in working for Savvi Fit. The most prominent pro is that you gain access to a line of fashionable clothing that is a separate brand from what is sold in stores. Given how fashion sales are often driven by the brand, this provides you with a unique clothing line.

Another pro is that if you can make it to the upper ranks, the commissions really start to add up. This means that for those who can make it to the top, you can earn a considerable amount.

Unfortunately, the cons are arguably stronger which starts with the expensive entry fee. While you could pay the $99, you are not going to get much in the way of support unless you shell out for the full $999. Add to that the difficulty in advancing past the first few ranks combined with the low commissions and Savvi Fit is a real challenge in terms of making money.

Plus, given how competitive the fashion industry is, you will need to be an exceptional marketer to sell any line of clothing. Which means if you are that good, you might as well start your own fashion line and earn even more money.

Is It a Scam?

Savvi Fit is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. In other words, it is not a rip-off or an illegal form of business under the law. Plus, you can earn money through selling fashion items and the commissions from those you have recruited. And despite the hefty commissions, your focus is arguably better off recruiting others into your team as that is the way to make better money.

However, to make a significant amount of money is quite difficult and requires considerable time, dedication, and some luck.

Can You Make Money with Savvi Fit?

Yes, it is possible to make money with Savvi Fit. But do not expect to make much money when you get started. Even with the commissions from sales and bringing in new recruits, it’s going to take a lot of time and work just to start seeing significant returns.

Verdict: Is Savvi Fit a Scam?

If you are into fashion, have experience in selling and recruiting, and manage to start off with new recruits relatively quickly, then Savvi Fit may be a good choice for you. However, for most people, Savvi Fit is not going to be a good fit. The initial earnings are quite small, it’s difficult to advance in such a saturated field as fashion, and the company does not cover shipping or transportation costs which means you will go deeper in the hole before starting to climb.

With all the choices out there to make significant earnings, Savvi Fit is just not worth it for most people. You would be better off selling clothing through affiliate marketing which may earn less, but has considerably lower costs.

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