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Sigtrack Review: Can You Make Money with This Work from Home Job?

Making money online is not only possible, but there’s a multitude of ways to accomplish your goals.

This is true even for those who may have a limited skill set or work experience.

The key is to find the type of work that offers sustained income and you can build up over time.

Sigtrack is a company that promises those who work for them that they can earn a living with their services.

But what is Sigtrack, what are the pros and cons, is it a scam, and can you really make money when utilizing their services?

What is Sigtrack?

What is Sigtrack

Sigtrack is really a platform for freelancers who are seeking data entry jobs.

Sigtrack is only for US residents and the daily work consists of updating voter registration for a number of states along with verifying with your data processing signature.

Being a US resident is the only major qualification, the rest is whether you can do the job.

It is recommended that you have high-speed internet, the currently available Windows or Mac OS program, and dual monitors, one of which should have 1080p resolution.

You will receive some training online to do the work, but anyone with access to a decent computer and the required equipment can do the job.

You are paid through your PayPal account every Wednesday.

Pros of Sigtrack

There are a number of advantages when you sign up for Sigtrack. For those who are looking to make extra money, there are some real opportunities with this company.

No Experience Needed

All you need is to provide proof that you are a US resident.

You do not need any experience in data entry to do this job.

This is because the work is entry-level, so anyone who can grasp the concept and has a good work ethic can do the job.

Flexible Work Hours

Basically, you set your own hours when working at Sigtrack.

The primary concern of the company is that you get your work accomplished.

How long you take or when you decide to put in the hours is up to you.

This makes it the perfect part-time work as you can fill it in with your schedule.

Plenty of Work

During the season, there is plenty of work to go around, so you will not lack for finding something to do.

Decent Money

You earn approximately 3.7 cents per signature and 15 cents for handling registrations.

This may not seem like much at first, but if you are a good typist and can focus on delivering your work, the money can start to add up.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of your work is paramount, so it needs to be free of typos and clear in message.

Cons of Sigtrack

With all the advantages that Sigtrack offers, there are a few downsides.

You should be aware that despite all the promises, Sigtrack does have some limitations.


While being a US resident is the major qualification, proving it may be a little more time-consuming. You may need to send a video that includes your ID, so it can be verified. Plus, you’ll need a PayPal address for payment.

At this point, you will need to be approved to do the work. Not everyone is approved and for different reasons. But the bottom line is that you must be qualified and Sigtrack must have a need for your services if you want to join.


While many people have computers that meet the requirements, the extra monitor screen is an added expense.

Plus, some may not have high-speed internet requirements.

You may wind up paying more to be fully qualified in terms of the equipment, although the extra expense is usually not that bad if you know where to shop.

Seasonal Work

Arguably the biggest issue with Sigtrack is that the work they offer is seasonal in nature.

That means you will have to find other employment during the time in which no work is being processed. Seasonal work is fine for some, but many are looking for full-time, year-round employment with a regular paycheck.

Boring Work

For many, this type of data entry work can be quite tedious.

That is because the type of work simply does not change.

While many do not mind this type of work, others can become quickly bored and quit.

It will depend on your nature to whether Sigtrack is the right avenue of work for you to do.

Is Sigtrack a Scam?

SigTrack How You Get Paid

Simply put: no, it’s not a scam.

Sigtrack offers a good freelance job for those interested in data entry work during part of the year.

The money that is offered for those who can type accurately and submit many signatures is certainly enough to make some money.

However, the seasonal nature of the work means that at times you will have plenty to do while at other times there will be no work at all.

This means that Sigtrack will not be your primary source of income.

But rather a supplement when you can add extra money to your bank account or put into your savings.

However, if you expect to become financially independent or rely on Sigtrack the year-round, then you probably should look at another site.

Can You Make Money with Sigtrack?

Absolutely you can earn money as a freelancer while working for Sigtrack.

You cannot make a full-time income because of the seasonal nature of the work, but you can supplement your full-time job or work smaller jobs at the same time.

This is because you set the schedule and the amount of work that you want to perform.

It can be tedious, repetitive work, but if you do not mind, then Sigtrack is a good way to earn extra income on the side.

This assumes that you are a fast typist and are willing to put in a few hours to get the money that you want.

While you are looking at perhaps $11 to $12 per hour, that’s not bad considering the minimal amount of training, qualifications, and flexible work schedule.

7 thoughts on “Sigtrack Review: Can You Make Money with This Work from Home Job?”

  1. I’ve tried it couldn’t get win10 system to work correctly with the system they utilized. You got any pointers on what to do because the community was no help. Understand apple iPad maybe what I need to buy.

  2. I started working for Sigtrack about a week ago. The work is very important detail work but the pay is horrible. I’m pretty sure the owner is getting paid very well by the clients but he pays the freelancers pennies for every signature to be tagged. I would think for all the requirements Sigtrack has and the amount of information you have to know in order to do the job that the pay would be better. So I’m not going to be wasting anymore more of my precious time with Sigtrack to work for pennies.

    As the video explains you have to read other peoples handwriting verifying information like names, address, and D.O.B so it takes a little time to tag a signature plus you have to be accurate because accuracy is a must.
    Example of pay: So my first day i did 165 signatures at $0.04 for about 4 hours which was like 41 signatures per hour. My total pay for 4 hours was $6.60 which is $1.65 and hour. So basically to me $0.04 for every signature to be tagged isn’t worth the pay or the time a person but towards the work.

      • I went through the interview process through hangout. And something just doesn’t seem right. When ever they email there English is like broken up or how a person would word something that is from another country. And they keep asking about my checking account. They was wanting my user name and password for online banking I have, but refused to give to them. Then they tell me they are sending a check for 10K to buy my laptop, printer, scanner and copier and the other 5K was mine to keep. Now I have never heard of a company that is just going to give you $5000 bc they want to. Oh and with the $10,000 they also want me to get an iPhone. Something just doesn’t seem legit with this company. And as the lady commented above you they wanted me to send them $500 as well for the training, which I did NOT send to them. And they also wanted me to take all my money out of my checking account and hold on to it and said that their was a reason they wanted me to do that. But I did not pull my money out of my bank. They did give me a tracking number that is supposedly for my check that is coming. So we shall see. But I just have a gut feeling that this is a scam. And my gut instincts are usually right.

  3. I worked there some time ago and did quite well 5700 names with 98.9 % within my 45 days of my first trial when it was time to get a license I put in my request to the Owner Michael R and he decided to lock me out of the system and refused to answer my messages and it would be easier for him to just hire new people. Michael has his favorites there on his Website and they more or less call the shots there while he hides in the background. I never saw a more screwed up company than this one where the minions get to pick and choose who gets to stay and who has to go and the ones who don’t get a fair chance to really get a chance to work with the company.

  4. My name is Saraj Hameed HAMEED, and I’m currently looking for a job in whatever field will be in Georgia, I recently came to the USA through Special Immigration Visa. I have 13 years of experience working with National, Local and International agencies in Afghanistan. I have a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, a second bachelor’s in Business administration, and a Master’s degree in Business administration from my own country, Afghanistan with experience especially in project management, grants development, and operations with a strong record of creativity and success under the most challenging conditions. I had routinely worked with high-performing cross-functional teams, and large and small interdisciplinary organizations and managed multiple projects and small grant activities. In this role, I implemented more than 230 small and medium grant projects simultaneously and have worked in the program, monitoring and evaluation, data management, and project implementation.
    Looking forward to yours helping me adjust my skill and career to the USA job market.


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