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Stream Energy Review: Ripoff, Scam or Legit Company?

The idea of breaking away from traditional electric companies and getting such services from independent companies is quite attractive to many people.

As an MLM idea, Stream Energy (or Stream as it’s is now called) is a company from Texas that offers energy, wireless, protective and home services across the US.

Read through my Stream Energy review to learn more about the company, pros and cons of joining, and some possible alternatives to joining that may end up working better for you.

What is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy Homepage

Since 2004, Stream Energy has been selling a considerable range of products that include energy along with natural gas.

The MLM model is built on customers receiving free energy points when referring people to Stream.

One advantage of using energy points from Stream is that customers pay the same amount every month as long as they stay within pre-set parameters of energy usage.

For those interested in joining, Stream charges a one-time fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $24.95 to access their Stream Marketing Service (SMS) and maintain your website.

While exact numbers are not known, Stream does have more than 4,000 associates who are part of their MLM efforts.

Stream Energy Compensation Plan

Stream Energy Compensation Plan

Stream Energy’s compensation plan gives you four different ways to earn money as a part of their program.

Immediate Income

You can earn weekly bonuses both through making sales to customers and getting people to join the business under you.

Leadership Bonuses

With the leadership bonuses, you can earn money when the people underneath you make sales.

You can get the full details about this bonus along with all the others on their website.

Bonus Incentives

According to their opportunity page, you may be eligible to receive rewards like cars, trips, etc.

Unfortunately, as with most MLMs, these flashy incentives are only reserved for the top performers within the company – so if you want that shiny car you’d better sell, sell, sell!

Monthly Earned Income

Finally, you can build a recurring revenue as your customers, and the customers your team was able to enroll, pay for their utility bills.

Pros of Joining Stream Energy

Here are a few pros to joining this MLM that I found:

Legitimate Company

Stream has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, has won numerous awards in direct selling, and has garnered billions in profit, making them a stable, reliable MLM company.

High-Profit Potential

The overall profit numbers for the company are certainly impressive and associates can earn considerable profit even from just a few sales.

Appeal Amongst Consumers

There are many people out there willing to pay for the electricity that comes from clean energy sources.

This is the major selling point that is emphasized by the company and not the rates, which are another matter.

Cons of Joining Stream Energy

As with any MLM I review, there were definitely some issues I found with this company.

Limited Market Opportunities

While some of Stream’s products are available nationwide, their energy service (which is the most celebrated aspect of the company) is only found in nine states and the District of Columbia.

If you live outside of these areas, then you are more limited in what you can offer.

Presentation Model

Instead of hosting fabulous parties or offering eye-catching products, most of your sales will be generated through business presentations.

For many, this may sound as fun as sitting through a seminar, but in its defense, this model does work if you know how to reach potential customers.

Higher Rates

If there is one major drawback, it is that the electricity rates for customers may go up.

As much as two to three times more than what they have been paying. This sticker shock is not predictable, and someone may wind up paying less or far more than they are used to.

The Verdict: Is Stream Energy a Scam?

Although the potential is there to make a strong profit and the company itself is legitimate, it will take a lot of work to see any real income.

One issue is that Stream makes money off their associates no matter if they have a good month of selling or not.

The fact that the average income earned from associates is less than $200 per month is also not a good sign that this is the best company for you.

Affiliate Marketing vs Multi-Level Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

While MLMs do have major potential for making average people money, studies have shown that the vast majority of MLM participants make less than 70 cents per hour.

This is why back in 2014 I made the switch from MLMs to Affiliate Marketing + Web Design/SEO.

Affiliate marketing is used by millions of people around the world to promote other people’s products for profit.

You don’t have to worry about having an inventory, shipping products, or even logistical things like customer service.

And, best of all, you don’t need to worry about joining a shady network of intimidating marketers who just want to squeeze every dollar out of you.

All you need is a niche, website, products to promote, and a content strategy – that’s it!

Final Word on My Stream Energy Review

As we’ve seen in this Stream Energy review article, the company does have the potential for those who hustle and who have a knack for selling people on the idea of clean energy with stable pricing.

However, there are plenty of other alternatives that provide far greater profit potential and are much safer and cost-effective to experiment with.

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