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4 Tips to Increase Your Business’ Instagram Engagement

Is your business on Instagram? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to reach a huge audience! In December 2016, Instagram reported that their user base had grown to an astonishing 600 million users, with their numbers rising each day. If your business is already on Instagram, but struggling to get more engagement, here are 4 tips to promote interaction.

1. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags are searchable indicators of what your posts are about. It’s important to add relevant hashtags to your posts to expose your content to a broader audience. Using a good combination of both general and specific hashtags in each of your posts is key.

For example, if you own a salon, use general hashtags like #salon, #hair, etc., as well as more specific hashtags such as #losangeles if you are located in Los Angeles or #aveda if your salon sells Aveda products.

2. Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Access

Consistently creating new content is hard work, and often times consuming. Save your best bouts of creativity for special occasions.

Try documenting things around your business. By posting the work you already do, you can highlight your services and an endless supply of content.

A salon’s Instagram page will often post photos of recently completed haircuts. This shows off the stylist’s skill and keeps their followers’ content cravings satisfied.

People are generally more drawn to content that is organic versus photos that are staged. Once the pressure is off to “be creative” and you are free to document the daily experiences at your business, you’ll not only seem more genuine to your audience but you’ll also find it much easier to post things throughout the day.

3. Victory in Videos

Videos are visually compelling and proven to have higher engagement than photos. Instagram videos can be up to one minute long on your profile, and ten seconds long on your story.

While your content is limited in duration, it shouldn’t be in creativity or production value. Even minimalistic videos are successful when they adhere to your brand voice, and don’t suffer in quality.

While a quick, unorchestrated video is great for the Instagram Stories feature, a video post should be properly strategized and executed.

4. Use Clear Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a simple phrase that invites your audience to do a specific task. Whether you place these phrases in your images or in your captions, a strong CTA will encourage interaction with your post, and your brand.

You can use CTAs as a tool to initiate feedback, engagement, or word-of-mouth marketing. CTAs have been proven to increase customer interaction and deepen your audience’s relationship with your brand. Experiment with different CTAs to see which works best for your business.

Start Building Your Instagram Brand

Social media marketing is all about meeting your customers where they already are. Instagram has been increasing its user base over the last few years, providing businesses with new opportunities to reach a broader audience. Start developing relationships on Instagram today; and watch your business grow as you implement these simple strategies!

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