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5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed As An Online Entrepreneur

Your heart starts beating as your mind races at a million miles an hour.

You just finished reading a forum post about how somebody made a ton of money online using a method that you’re not too familiar with.

Suddenly, you decide to drop everything you were doing beforehand and start using their methodology because you want results now.

The problem is, you forgot to read the part where that person explained how they made a ton of money after testing for months and spending thousands of dollars, so after you don’t get the results you’re wanting, you feel desperate and start jumping from one thing to another to try and find something that works.

Sound familiar to anyone?

This is what many people refer to as “shiny coin syndrome” where you start chasing one big thing after another without properly finishing the first thing you were attempting to do because you get impatient and want faster results.

Here are 5 things I do when I start to lose focus and feel the need to find the easy way out.

1. Step Away From the Computer and Take a Breather

It’s always great to simply step away from an overwhelming circumstance and take a nice, deep breath.

You’ll not only clear your head, but you’ll get the chance to realign yourself with your goals.

If I start losing focus, I get up and go for a quick run or walk around my neighborhood and come back feeling refreshed and energized.

Taking small breaks can have a huge impact on your productivity as well.

2. Stop Reading Other People’s Content For a Bit

Sure, it can be an awesome motivational tool to read about how other people have been able to do the exact thing you’re trying to do now, but if you spend too much time listening to other people’s stories it can end up making you frustrated because you’re not seeing their results yet.

I love reading about how people’s blogs become incredibly popular and what they did to get there, but it can easily kill my personal motivation as I naturally wonder why I’m not where they are.

To save myself from the natural tendency to be cynical, I will sometimes take breaks from reading emails, blog posts, or forum posts by other people and focus solely on what I need to accomplish myself.

If you’re still in the learning stages, then, by all means, keep reading about people’s successes so you can get a good idea what you want to do, but if you begin to feel overwhelmed just take a quick break from reading and start trying things out for yourself.

3. Stick to One Thing at a Time

Can affiliate marketing make you money online?


Can social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC make you money online?

Yes as well!

However, if you constantly jump from one thing to another without first focusing on just one of these methods and getting really good at it, you’re going to end up extremely frustrated because you have several unfinished ideas rather than one good one.

Try focusing on just one aspect of online business, whether it be writing a blog, an eCommerce site, social media marketing, etc. and slowly start to integrate the other aspects once you get the hang of it.

I’ve been guilty of this more times than I can count, and it can cost you a lot of unneeded freak out moments.

Pick just one thing and grind the hell out of it by watching tutorial videos, reading articles, and testing it out for yourself before moving on to learning something else.

4. Realize There is No Such Thing as Overnight Success

Overnight success is a myth.

I need to constantly remind myself that I will never, ever become successful in little time with little work.

That simply isn’t realistic, and the road to success is marked by failures, small victories, patience, and a lot of hard work.

If you come across an article of someone boasting about how much they make online (and assuming they’re legit), don’t fall for the trick that it didn’t take hard work to get there.

Even with times like these where anyone can become an entrepreneur thanks to the advances in technology, it’s still as hard as ever to get our ideas off the ground and make things happen.

5. Talk to Someone

I know, I know – I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but hear me out:

Talking to someone who cares about how you feel can give you such a relief when feeling overwhelmed it’s not even funny.

It helps to externalize your thoughts so that you can better understand your feelings and where to go moving forward.

Personally, I’ve done everything from talking to my wife to professionals on sites like BetterHelp and in both situations, the results have been fantastic for my mental health.

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about what you’re feeling and don’t suffer in silence.


I know what it feels like to think the world is against you and that you’ll never succeed – I’ve been there.

In fact, I’m still there most of the time.

The difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t is their ability to manage their emotions when times get hard.

If you can find a way to push through the overwhelming times, your possibilities will be limitless.

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