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6 Best Self Defense Affiliate Programs in 2021

One of the more interesting types of affiliate programs is in the self-defense industry. Self-defense is one of the more popular types of educational programs, but many people believe that it is limited to training centers and studios in their communities.

However, there are many affiliate programs dedicated to teaching self-defense. The highest level of these affiliate programs is not only proven but offers a considerable opportunity to affiliate marketers looking for an in-demand product. What follows are six exceptional affiliate marketing programs dedicated to self-defense. Each one is reputable, offers a proven track record of success, and provides solid commissions for affiliate marketers.

1. Reflex Protect

Reflex Protect

  • Commission Rate: 15%

For people looking for high-quality non-lethal self-defense products, Reflex Protect has got you covered. They specialize in selling pocket-sized spray guns that shoot a gel used by police in riot control situations, meaning these small tools are guaranteed to incapacitate even the most persistent attacker. The spray is able to shoot up to 15 feet in length, and sticks to the attacker ensuring they won’t try anything twice!

The company offers spray guns, holsters, and targets to purchase through their website. Not only that, but they also offer violence response training to ensure all people know how to respond and defend themselves in a self-defense situation.

Their affiliate program allows you to promote their products at a competitive 15% rate, and with a high-powered product like their spray gun, it’s no secret why their program is one of the best out there.

2. Self Defense Company

  • Commission Rate: Up to 40% Commissions Depending Upon the Sale
    • Video Training: 40% Commissions
    • SDTS Training: 35% Commissions

Created in 2007, the Self Defense Company offers a wide range of martial arts, bodyguards, and basic training in defensive tactics for professionals and civilians looking for self-defense techniques. The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is based on over 100 years of military and law enforcement techniques garnered from around the world.

The Self Defense Company offers varying levels of commissions depending on the type of sale that was made.

There are three sub-levels of commissions for video and SDTS training which are 2%, 5%, and 10%. This means that from one student, you may earn a considerable profit depending on the type and number of courses that were purchased.

3. Self Defense Gear Co

Self Defense Gear Co

  • Commission Rate: 10% Commissions

This is the most straightforward of the self-defense affiliate programs because it deals with products instead of instructions. This company provides a wide range of legal, non-lethal self-defense items that include batons, stun guns, pepper spray, and other devices that can be sold in any state.

In addition, they also provide lethal weapons that include knives which may have some restrictions depending on where you live. The company also provides items such as survival gear, bulletproof gear, handcuffs, and other accessories.

There are four ways that customers are tracked through the Self Defense Gear C system. Which means that once they have made a purchase, they will be tracked using their credit card number for up to three years. This means you earn 10% commissions on every sale during that time. Plus, if they refer someone to their business, you earn 10% commissions on what they purchase as well. This means that 10% can really add up quickly if they purchase multiple items over time.

4. Self Defense Survival Guide

Self Defense Survival Guide

  • Commission Rate: $16 per Sale, Earn up to 60% on All Sales

The Self Defense Survival Guide offers a wide range of self-defense courses that are taught online. However, the focus of the guide is to teach basic defense skills in case an individual is caught in a dangerous situation. You can learn from this guide on how to protect you and your family in case you are attacked.

For affiliate marketers, the Self Defense Survival Guide may be a familiar one since it is based on Clickbank. You get several tools to help you promote this product, including emails, articles, graphics, and banner ads. Clickbank is one of the most successful of all affiliate marketing sites as it provides plenty of support with its products. Plus, depending on how much is ordered, you may keep up to 60% of the total sale which is considerable.

5. Super Self Defense

Super Self Defense

  • Commission Rate: Up to 30% Commissions on Personal Sales, 10% Commissions on Your Affiliates

Focused mostly on self-defense weapons, such as pepper spray, stun guns, survival gear, flashlights, and more, this company offers plenty of items to protect you and your family. Their wide range of products makes them a popular choice for those who want extra protection when in the home or when traveling.

When you join Super Self Defense, you are provided with a multitude of support options. Your affiliate links will generate up to 30% commissions. But you can add affiliates of your own and earn 10% commissions from them. Plus, if they gain an affiliate, you earn 5% commissions from them. This is a remarkable affiliate program that is simple to set up and provides considerable support.

6. Real Self Defense

Real Self Defense

  • Commission Rate: 10% Commissions for Every Sale

The Real Self Defense program is about minimizing the risk of being attacked. And if that does not work, using proven techniques to neutralize the assault and turn the tables on the attacker. The techniques are relatively simple, and many can be learned even by those who have physical limitations. The guide offers comprehensive instruction which not only teaches each technique but how to keep your cool and think in this time of danger.

As an affiliate marketer, you will earn 10% commissions for each sale. The link is good for up to 30 days, which means that if the customer keeps ordering through your link, you earn 10% commissions for all sales up to one month. While the commissions are relatively small, they can build up over time.

Find the Best Self Defense Affiliate Program That’s Right for You

If you are looking to expand your profit margins, then offering one or more self-defense affiliate programs may be the key. Keep in mind that you can boost your profits by offering other affiliate programs that support self-defense, such as training equipment and the like.

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