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ClickASnap Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

With the myriad of ways to make money online, finding the right one for you is certainly possible. One of the more established methods is providing desirable products for potential customers. The problem is how to get those products in front of the people who want them. For photographers, this means posting photographs that can be purchased for use in websites, print materials, and the like.

Selling photos online is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the most established methods for people making money online. Two decades ago, it was easy for good photographers to post their photos and sell them for a considerable price. Today, the fierce competition makes it considerably more difficult.

ClickASnap promises aspiring photographers along with professionals the ability to make money from their site. But what is ClickASnap all about, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and does it really work?

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap Review

This is a website that allows photographers to upload the images they create. All you need to do to get started is purchase one of their subscription plans. Depending on what level you purchase, your photographs may earn money in one of two ways.

Views: For every view of one of your photographs, you will earn 0.006 cents. This means that when someone clicks on your photo to see it,0.006 cents will be added to your account. That may sound pretty minuscule, but if enough traffic is driven to your photos it can really add up over time.

Sales: If the person viewing the photograph likes what they see, they can purchase it. This allows them to download the photo to be used how they want. From posting it online to making prints and so forth. You earn a percentage of the purchase price.

Once your account has built up to a minimum of $15, you can start withdrawing the money. The process itself is straightforward and based on the desirability of the photographs that you provide. The caveat is that the images must be your own, preferably photos that you have taken yourself.

ClickASnap is designed for two types of photographers. Professional photographers who are looking for multiple income streams to augment their business. And amateur photographers who are looking to establish themselves by getting their work to the public. The site even includes a forum that allows you to share ideas and information with other contributors around the world. It’s possible to collaborate on projects by meeting photographers in the ClickASnap forum and working with them on your own time.

Pros of ClickASnap

Here are a few of the things we liked about ClickASnap:


ClickASnap is not some fly-by-night scam that takes your time and effort for no reward. It is a legitimate site that does pay its subscribers when they earn views or sales. So, you can trust ClickASnap to pay you when you earned the money.

Getting Paid

The biggest advantage of ClickASnap is the payment structure. It is quite fair and offers a rather unique method of getting paid just for having your photos looked at without the necessity of being purchased. This added dimension to the payment structure is a cut above the standard sale-only approach of many photo companies.

Given just how many people browse and not buy means that it’s possible to make money without any of your photos selling. Although if you want to make a greater amount then you want them to sell. Still, the pay-per-click aspect of ClickASnap is quite appealing.


Another powerful advantage, especially for professional photographers is meeting other photographers in the ClickASnap forum. One of the biggest issues that many photographers face when providing original photos they shoot themselves is travel expenses. However, by working with photographers in that area of the world, you can get the photographs needed while still earning a commission or simply working out an arrangement.

This type of collaboration is made easier by the ClickASnap forum which makes it a valuable resource if you are expanding your business around the world.


Photos that you upload to the ClickASnap site are secure and cannot be used by others until they pay for them first. This should provide peace of mind for those who are leery about posting their photos on image sites such as ClickASnap.

However, even the best sites have their issues and ClickASnap is no exception. While the service itself seems straightforward enough, you should consider the limitations of what ClickASnap has to offer.

Free Subscriptions

It is true that ClickASnap does offer a free subscription as part of their overall subscription plans. And while this may seem to be a great way to get started, what they do not tell you right away is that the free subscription means you do not get paid.

You can upload your photographs, but to get paid you will need to sign on to a paid subscription plan. Given how heavy the advertising is for ClickASnap being a free service, it is close to being deceitful about how the free subscription plan is advertised. It doesn’t quite cross the line, but many people have been fooled into signing up thinking that they do not have to pay to earn money on ClickASnap.

Cons of ClickASnap

While ClickASnap does seem quite straightforward, it does have its issues. Before making the consideration to purchase a subscription plan, you should better understand some of the cons of ClickASnap.

Limited Marketplace

This is not so much a con, but rather a limitation on selling photos in general. The most successful photographers sell photos through their own marketing efforts. In other words, while the marketplace on ClickASnap is nice, easy to access, and does offer a place to sell your photos, do not expect to earn much money unless you do the outside work necessary to sell your photos.

That means building a social network, creating your own website, and marketing your services across multiple platforms. Sure, the ClickASnap marketplace might sell a few of your photos, but your efforts would be better off by going in other directions.

Poor Impression

One of the more surprising issues with ClickASnap is just how unappealing their website is in terms of the photographs available. Given the competitive nature of the photograph business, having a line of exceptional photos greeting you on the first page is paramount.

Unfortunately, many of the photos featured on the ClickASnap website are just not that good. Most are okay and some are nice, but for the most part, they are not up to par with other, more established photo sites on the web. This is quite problematic since eye appeal is the most important aspect of selling photos, especially for companies that purchase them in large numbers.

It does not help that the ClickASnap website looks rather out of date as well. It’s one thing to be retro, but quite another to look at least a decade behind everyone else. This can create a poor impression for potential customers who are looking for unique, high-quality photos.

Can You Make Money with It?

The answer is yes, you can make money by selling photos on ClickASnap. More importantly, you can make connections with other photographers in the ClickASnap forum that may help you expand your business.

However, the question is not whether you can make money. It’s whether ClickASnap lets you make as much if not more money compared to using other photo sites or building your own site to sell photos. The answer becomes more complicated in that regard because it will depend on how much you want to put into ClickASnap.

Verdict: Is it a Scam?

Although ClickASnap can help you earn a few extra dollars, for most photographers it is not worth the effort. While the £3 per month subscription fee is not bad all things considered, you are most likely better off using other, more established photo sites that simply sell your photos.

This is because to drive the traffic necessary to have people see and purchase your photos, you will need to establish a strong social network and build your own site just to start seeing real money. This means that the methods needed to make ClickASite work for you are probably better spent by working for yourself and building a site from scratch.

That is not to say ClickASnap is worthless. In fact, as part of your overall photography efforts, it is certainly worth £3 a month to establish a professional account, post some interesting photos, and collaborate with photographers when trying to get images for your clients that you cannot get yourself. In that regard, ClickASnap can be a worthy tool in the arsenal of professional photographers looking to expand their business.

For the amateur photographer looking to earn a few bucks, ClickASnap is more problematic. That’s because the effort needed to just make a few extra dollars is far more than it is worth. This is because selling photos online is so competitive given just how many people around the world are doing the same. You are competing against established, professional photographers, so even if you have some incredible photos to sell, getting them in front of the public is going to take a considerable effort.

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