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BigSpot Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Making money online is not only possible, but millions of people do so every day.

One of the most familiar means of making money online is filling out surveys.

Every day, companies from around the world send out surveys through various online sites for people to fill out about their products or services.

Once the survey has been completed and submitted, the company will pay you for the time spent.

Survey sites have been around almost from the beginning of the internet.

BigSpot is arguably the most popular of such sites thanks to their substantial advertising in online and television circles.

But what is BigSpot, what are the pros and cons, and is it a legitimate way to make money?

What is BigSpot?

What is BigSpot?

BigSpot is a paid survey site with a twist.

Most sites of this nature offer you surveys and then once completed pay you for the work.

Instead, BigSpot is more of a portal, providing you access to different survey sites.

You submit your information and you are provided with a number of other free survey sites that pay when you complete the work that is offered.

BigSpot does encourage you to sign up for the sites that are featured, but like BigSpot you do not have to pay a fee.

But you will have to sign up with other sites, follow their policies, and get compensated for submitting surveys.

Keep in mind that these survey sites have different levels of payment depending on a number of factors.

Pros of BigSpot

There are several advantages to choosing BigSpot if you want to make a little extra money online.

It can be said that being a portal for other survey sites offers definite advantages for those who are looking at making the most money through this method.

Free to Use

There is no fee to sign up for BigSpot or any of the survey sites you can access from their website.

That means no matter what, you are not paying one dime of your own money for any fee.

Admittedly, any reputable survey site will not ask any money from you, but this is one advantage that you should be aware of when starting from scratch.

This means for those with a little time on their hands and no extra money to speak of, you can start earning money this way.

No Qualifications

Although you will have to fill out some personal information, there are no qualifications you must meet in terms of your skills or experience.

This means that anyone can start filling out surveys if they meet the minimum age requirements.

For those who have limited skills or experience, survey sites are a good way to earn extra money.


BigSpot is a portal, which means that it provides you with access to different survey sites. You can sign up for as many other sites as you desire.

This means that you get more choices compared to finding and signing up for a traditional survey site.

You can experiment with which sites offer the right compensation after sampling what is available.

Cons of BigSpot

Although the advantages are considerable, BigSpot is not without its issues.

You should be aware of what BigSpot is and potential problems when choosing this method of making money.

One in a Million

In other words, there are many different free survey sites and portal sites just like BigSpot on the web.

This means that BigSpot is not special, but rather a portal that advertises more than most other portals for survey sites.

You may find that the selection of survey sites that BigSpot offers is not as good as other portal sites.


You will be revealing private information to a survey portal company.

While BigSpot promises not to share your information with any other party, it can be uncomfortable knowing that your personal information is out there.

It is true that bank account, credit card, and social security numbers are not required, but you are still putting out a considerable amount of your personal information.

Is BigSpot a Scam?

BigSpot surveys

No, BigSpot isn’t a scam because it does not take any of your money.

You are also under no obligation in terms of how much work you need to do for any of the survey sites where you sign up.

You can fill out as many available surveys as you desire.

This means that you can control the amount of work that you want to put into this endeavor.

Having said that, for most people BigSpot has limited earning potential.

You have to qualify for the surveys, and many will pay less depending on your personal statistics.

Even so, those who make the most money are not wealthy by any means.

This is because filling out surveys can take a considerable amount of time which limits your earnings each day.

In that regard, BigSpot is not so much a scam but does imply that you can make a lot more than most people will ever earn in filling out surveys.

Plus, there have been customer complaints of spamming which may be of concern depending on whether you experience this type of annoyance.

Can You Make Money with BigSpot?

Yes, you can make money with this site, but not that much money.

At best, BigSpot is a good place to earn a few extra bucks that may pay for dinner once a week or help you save up for a bigger purchase.

It is not the type of site that will make you financially independent.

This is because filling out surveys are time-consuming and many that you will receive only pay a small amount, such as a few dollars.

In the end, BigSpot makes big promises, but the truth is that there are better ways to make money online if your goal is to create a second income or become financially independent.

If you have some spare time and are looking to make a few bucks, then BigSpot may be right for you.

Otherwise, you are probably better off looking for the type of work that actually pays larger sums.

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