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Earn and Go Scam: Is it a Legit Program or Total Fraud?

The lure of earning a passive income with little work from home can be quite tempting. The attraction of becoming financially independent or just earning a few bucks to pay for a nice dinner a month leads millions of people to try sites that promise easy money.

Earn and Go is one of those companies that makes lofty promises about how much you can earn while spending relatively little money, time, or effort in the process. And with a name like Earn and Go, it has pulled in many thousands of people just like you who believe they can make it online.

But does Earn and Go live up to its promises? What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining Earn and Go? Is Earn and Go a legit, viable way to make money online?

The answer to those questions and more starts with the Earn and Go site itself. And as you will see in this article, the site has a considerable number of red flags that should be heeded.

What is Earn and Go?

Earn and Go

The function of the Earn and Go site is, according to the information they provide, a means of working with advertisers who are trying to expose their products to as many people as possible. Your role in Earn and Go is to bring those people to the site. The more people you refer, the more potential money you will earn.

You earn the money from Earn and Go from sharing revenues generated by the advertisements. The more people you refer, the more people see the products, the higher the advertising rates will be. That is the essential structure of Earn and Go which despite its claims of being an affiliate marketing company does not engage in affiliate practices.

Signing up to Earn and Go is free. The website advertises that you can be paid $50 just for signing up. Plus, for every referral link that is clicked, you can earn $2. And every person who signs up to your link earns you an additional $10. You can also earn money from taking surveys, playing games, and uploading videos if you desire.

And if those figures seem too good to be true, then you would be right. For anyone who knows anything about the referral business, the money promised by Earn and Go is simply way out of whack with what is normally provided by similar companies.

Pros and Cons

Coming up with a list of positives for Earn and Go is not easy. The only thing that might be recommended is that you do not have to pay any cash out of your pocket to sign up. This assumes that you never use the services of the website itself as it may take you to places that take your money and perhaps your identity.

However, the downsides to Earn and Go are considerable and start with the fact that finding someone who has actually earned money from the site has been quite difficult. Despite the testimonials which do not seem to be legitimate, if anyone has earned money from Earn and Go, they have kept is a secret.

Another issue is the sites that Earn and Go takes you to when attempting to earn money. Many of these are third-party sites. And while most may be harmless, there are some that are infected with malware. Knowing which ones can be difficult, but it has happened to Earn and Go subscribers, so beware.

It also does not help that the fine print on the Earn and Go site reveals the true nature of the platform. It eliminates almost everyone from the potential of being paid by Earn and Go unless they meet such curious conditions such as being at least 99 years old. And even if you have reached that age, there is no doubt other reasons why Earn and Go will not pay you any money.

Can You Make Money with Earn and Go?

No, you cannot earn money with Earn and Go. It may seem rather odd that even a scam company would not pay out any money at all. But the real purpose of Earn and Go is to collect data and nothing else. This means that once you have provided your name and email, then you are subject to a barrage of advertisements from companies that you most likely have never heard of before.

Earn and Go will take your information and sell it to third parties for a nice price. And they do not share that money with anyone who has signed up with their site. This is because Earn and Go is not an affiliate marketing company as they advertise, but a data harvesting company. They take the information you provide and sell it to someone else. Once you take the first step, they have done their job and you will not see any money.

Verdict: Is it a Scam?

Of the many ways to create an online income, Earn and Go is simply not one of them. Instead, Earn and Go is about as representative of a classic scam as you can find. While you are not being directly charged, the site is making money off you while you are not earning any money at all. If you by some chance get paid by Earn and Go, then obviously a mistake was made.

Earn and Go is a scam. It is only designed to collect information and sell it to those who want to sell you something. As a scam, Earn and Go follows all the traditions of deceptive practices in playing on people’s lack of knowledge when it comes to making money online. The fine print on their site that describes just who can make money eliminates basically everyone.

The more you engage with third-party platforms, the more you expose your computer to viruses and malware. There are even reports of those who have suffered identity theft when visiting a suspicious site. This means that you should stay away from Earn and Go and find other, far more safe and reliable methods of creating an online income.

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