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Gano Excel Coffee Review: Is it a Scam?

While most people expect sugar or cream to be added to their coffee, Gano Excel offers a different product, mushrooms.

This unique coffee product is medicinal mushrooms which are added just like cream or sugar to coffee.

And as surprising as it may be to some, Gano Excel is quite successful in this field.

Read on to find out more about the company, pros and cons of joining, and whether or not it’s a scam.

What is Gano Excel Coffee?

Gano Excel Coffee homepage
Image Credit: http://www.ganoexcel.com/

Gano Excel is a multi-level-marketing company founded by Leow Soon Seng in 1995 and is a pretty cut-and-dry MLM business in comparison to other MLMs that I’ve reviewed.

Startup costs for those interested in becoming associates begin at $200 and go up to $1000 depending on how much you want to invest.

The products themselves are not cheap as the items for coffee or tea may range up to $60 each.

Pros of Joining Gano Excel Coffee

Here are a few things about the company that I actually liked:

Company Longevity

Gano Excel Milestone
Image Credit: http://www.ganoexcel.com/about-us-mge.html

Any MLM company that survives and thrives over two decades has certainly earned a strong reputation.

This also means that unless something unforeseen happens, they will be around for a long time as well.

Solid Support

This MLM works to sponsor distributors so they can sponsor other distributors.

This support system is based on network marketing and it builds a relationship that is beneficial to both.

Because those ahead of you need your support, this is an excellent system to grow and prosper.

Cons of Joining Gano Excel Coffee

As with any multi-level-marketing company, there are plenty of red flags that I found with this company:

High-Priced Products

Although specialty coffee and tea products often cost more, the price for Gano Excel products is noticeably high.

At $60 for one bag of green tea, this can turn away potential customers. However, there are many who will pay that amount because they love the product so much.

Confusing Compensation Plan

Several people have complained that the company is not very straightforward with their compensation plan.

To succeed, you will need to purchase a considerable amount of their products and sell them in large numbers.

Recruiting new members may also be difficult which only hinders your profit potential even more.

Possible Side Effects from the Ganoderma Mushroom

This is the mushroom product that is added to coffee or sugar.

While it does have medicinal properties, there have been some who reported unwanted side effects.

Most of the effects range from mild to more severe such as lung issues, heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma, and more.

Some have experienced symptoms similar to bird flu, although it fades when the product is no longer consumed.

The Verdict: Is Gano Excel Coffee a Scam?

While not a scam, the main problem with the company is that there’s no way to know who might benefit and who might suffer unwanted side effects from the products.

The more you sell, the more likely you are to get a customer who experiences these side effects and they will let everyone else know as well.

In addition, Gano Excel has experienced legal issues in Canada and the US over the past several years which has resulted in the company being shut down.

The FDA is also not a fan of their product, so you may find yourself without a product line to sell at any moment.

Add to this the confusing compensation plan and you have an MLM company in which making a large profit can take some work.

Plus, all it takes is one customer who experiences a serious side effect and your business may plummet.

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM

After getting scammed by one of the most notorious MLMs out there, I tried my hand at learning a different money-making method: affiliate marketing.

The concept is simple: you promote other people’s products and if they purchase these products through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

The thing I like most about it is you don’t need to buy any products upfront, you don’t have to handle shipping, and you don’t even have to handle customer service!

All of that is handled by the company that owns the products you’re promoting.

This is obviously very different from direct selling through MLM companies like Gano Excel Coffee, which I personally like since I don’t have anyone above me pressuring me to sell products nor do I have an expensive overhead cost.

The best way to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business, hands down, is through Wealthy Affiliate.

Their community is fantastic and the tools they provide have been a godsend for me in my own personal journey of building an online business.

Final Word on My Gano Excel Coffee Review

The fact that this company been able to survive as long as it has is certainly a testament that the founders are able to make things work for their distributors.

However, with a sketchy main ingredient at its core along with the company being shut down in the United States, it’s safe to say this MLM might not be the best choice to join.

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