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Can You Make Money with Motor Club of America?

For those looking at making money to build a second income, one of the more intriguing companies that provides such opportunities is the Motor Club of America (MCA).

The company itself is built around a well-established need in the United States, roadside assistance.

But does the Motor Club of America really work both in terms of the services it provides and in helping those who participate make extra money?

What is the Motor Club of America?

It’s not far off to say that the MCA is AAA with a franchise.

In fact, the Motor Club of America is really a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model.

This means that the company both offers services in a subscription format and builds teams of people looking to recruit more members to the MLM.

Such a system is not uncommon, although in the case of the MCA it is built around services and not a product line.


This aspect of MCA is where the company offers three types of roadside assistance plans on a monthly subscription basis.

  • Basic: $9.95 per month
  • Plus!: $14.95 per month
  • Total: $19.95 per month

Despite the price differences, the plans themselves are quite similar to the point where there is relatively little difference between the basic and total plans.

All plans offer emergency road service, trip planning, arrest and bail bonds, reimbursement of travel assistance, and so forth.

About the only major difference is the accidental death benefits are limited to $10,000 for the basic and plus plans while the total offers something more substantial.

Team Building

As with most MLMs, this is where the real money is made.

Team-building or recruiting is where you bring in others to sell MLM services.

You earn a bonus of $35 for every person you sign up and you earn an advance based on each customer that stays for one year.

For each person brought into the team, you earn a small percentage from each sale they make to customers.

Therefore, the larger the team and the more successful the sales, the more money you can earn with MCA.

Pros of Joining Motor Club of America

What is MCA

The services offered by MCA are considerable when it comes to emergency roadside service.

Arguably the biggest advantage is that roadside service is something that most people need and will be around for the foreseeable future.

  • Good Roadside Assistance Services
  • Easy Teambuilding Aspect
  • Monthly Income that Builds over Time

Cons of Joining Motor Club of America

The disadvantages of MCA are also quite apparent starting with the services they provide to their customers.

Unlimited Towing for Only 1 Vehicle

One of the most disturbing is the clause in the contract which states that the “unlimited towing”, which is one of the most popular features, is limited to one towing per vehicle.

This can be quite upsetting to those who do not read the finer points of the contract.

It is also misleading since most people own one, two, or perhaps three vehicles at most.


While the price for the basic plan seems relatively cheap at $9.95 per month, there are other companies that offer similar services at half the price.

So, the question becomes as someone looking to sell MCA, there is little difference in terms of services with companies that offer the same at a lower price.

This is especially true when you consider the total plan that is more than twice as much compared to premium plans from other roadside assistance companies.

Add to that many insurance companies that offer roadside assistance as part of their services and you have a highly competitive field to actually make money selling the MCA program.

Pay in Advance

In terms of bringing in new MCA members to your team, one big disadvantage is that you are paid in advance for every sale that is made.

However, if the customer leaves before the year is up, you must pay back the difference.

This is rather unusual even for an MLM which means you simply do not know how much you will earn over time.

Why you are not paid for the first month and each month the customer is with the company makes little sense as this would solve the issue.

Is MCA a Scam?

MCA is technically not a scam because it does offer legitimate services even if the prices are higher.

It is also possible to make money selling MCA packages which earn a monthly income that can build over time.

For those who have good team-building skills, this may work for you.

It does not help that one of the most popular features of the program, unlimited towing, is deceptive in terms of the conditions in which it can be used.

No doubt when your customers find out the hard way that a second towing of the same vehicle is not covered that they will be angry.

Plus, you will have to pay MCA back money for every customer who bails out before the year is up. That is not a good feature.

Can You Really Make Money with MCA?

The answer is yes, you can make money with MCA.

But it will not be so simple given the competition that offers virtually the same services at half the price.

Add to this the deceptive unlimited towing feature along with having to pay back money from contracts that end prematurely, and you have an unreliable system of income.

The Motor Club of America is good for those who have multiple sources of income, are good at recruiting new members, and are willing to spread out as much as they can to find new customers.

The latter is crucial to success because of the competitive nature of roadside assistance programs.

This means that you must be engaged in selling new customers regularly if you want to build up your income.

Find Another Program

If you have a genuine interest in roadside assistance programs and want to build your income in that regard, then perhaps MCA is right for you.

But given the time commitment and energy needed to sustain such an effort, most people would be better off finding another program.

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