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Namecheap Review: Why They Are the Best Domain Registrar

If you’re needing a cheap domain registrar that has both great customer service and an easy-to-use interface, then Namecheap is by far the best choice.

I’ve been using NameCheap for years now and have had zero issues with them, so I can’t recommend them more.

Here’s an in-depth look at why Namecheap is the best domain registrar and should be used by everyone (even you diehard GoDaddy fans…do those even exist?)

They Don’t Call Themselves Cheap for Nothing!

Just like the name implies, NameCheap’s pricing for domains is incredibly cheap averaging around $10 – $11 per year for their .com domains.

With their monthly coupon codes they come out with, however, you can get your domains at an even cheaper rate of $9 – $10 (every dollar counts, right?)

While their .org and .net prices can vary in pricing, their .com prices consistently remain low which is why I like them a lot.

Another cool feature is that the more years you buy, the cheaper the per year price will be as you can see in this photo:

Namecheap Pricing

Basically, if you know you’re going to have the site around for more than a year, it might be smarter to buy the domain for 2+ years upfront rather than waiting to be auto billed for it each year.

Personally, I recommend if you’re just getting started to just buy the one year and once your website becomes more established you can buy more years to bring the price down.

Beautiful Interface

Namecheap has evolved their interface over the years to better serve their audience.

I know this because as part of their audience, I’ve been consistently blown away by how awesome their site gets each year.

I love minimalist design, so when Namecheap updated their dashboard to look more like this I instantly fell in love:

Namecheap Dashboard

So much beautiful white space!

Easy to Navigate

Not only is the site beautifully built, but it’s also insanely simple to navigate around the backend.

If I need to transfer a domain, sell a domain, or simply update my nameservers I know exactly where I need to go.

As someone who has bought dozens of domain names over the years, having a domain registrar that is simple to navigate not only saves me precious seconds of my time but also keeps me from pulling my hair out trying to find things I need.

Namecheap keeps things simple (stupid) and that’s why they’re, in my humble opinion, the best domain registrar to use for web designers, entrepreneurs, or average joe’s looking to start a WordPress blog.

Customer Service Awesomeness

I’m personally a huge fan of the chat feature on sites as it’s way faster than email or submitting support tickets.

Similar to Siteground, Namecheap has a chat feature that allows you to be in contact with a representative within seconds.

These guys have always answered my questions in a professional matter, usually resolve the issue within minutes, and have never cussed me out once – even when I get snappy with them!

These three things alone are clear to me why their customer service is spectacular, but if you don’t believe me reach out to them yourselves and see!

The Cons of Using NameCheap

I keep things honest on this blog, so I’m being genuine when I say there are very little issues I’ve had with Namecheap as a whole while working as a web designer and a niche blogger.

The thing with domain registrars is that you don’t really work within their dashboards for long periods of time unless you need to update your hosting, transfer a domain, sell off a domain, etc.

These things don’t happen very often unless you’re like how I was when I first got started in online marketing and bought a new domain every other day (I don’t recommend doing this).

The only real problem I’ve had with them is that I couldn’t get a refund for any of the domains I had bought either impulsively or because I decided not to create a website with that domain anymore.

Namecheap’s registration agreement tells you outright that their domains are nonrefundable, but who actually reads these?!

All kidding aside, this is very normal for a domain registrar to do so it’s not much of a complaint to make.

Plus, Namecheap has a domain marketplace where you can sell your domain at your own price with Namecheap taking 10% of the sale which isn’t bad.

I will say, however, that most of the domains I’ve been able to sell successfully sold for around $5 with only one I can think of that sold for more.

So, to put it bluntly, if you’re going to buy a domain anywhere you better make sure it’s the name you want otherwise you’ll never get all your money back.


In my experience, Namecheap is great, and easily the best domain registrar to use.

GoDaddy isn’t terrible, and they have plenty of promotions that are good (with a billion other upsells), but I find Namecheap to be a far superior domain registrar.

Call it brand loyalty, but Namecheap will always have a special place in my heart as the first domain registrar I ever used and will likely continue to use for years to come.

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